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Christine SHEEHAN nee TUCKER

This is

a youthful me!

I have this Web Page set up to hopefully catch anyone surfing, looking for genealogy and the surnames that I am interested in.
Scroll down further for the list of names that I am searching

I am married to Gregg. and have three kids, who frequently drive me crazy, they are
Penny, and
Our family photo taken around 1995. And the kids in 1999
Then at Auckland airport Dec 2005

The list of Births, Deaths and Marriages which are in some of the pages that follow
were extracted from the BDM microfiche that the Registrar General's office produce.
I am lucky that my local library has a copy.

  • New Zealand Bound
  • New Zealand BARR births 1840 -1960
  • New Zealand BARR marriages 1840 -1970
  • New Zealand BARR deaths 1848 -1970
  • New Zealand DAWSON births 1851 -1921
  • New Zealand DAWSON deaths 1859 -1921
  • New Zealand DAWSON marriages 1851 -1920
  • New Zealand DWAN births
  • New Zealand DWAN deaths
  • New Zealand JEWISS marriages 1840 -1970
  • New Zealand TUCKER births 1840 -1920
  • New Zealand TUCKER marriages 1843 -1920
  • New Zealand TUCKER marriages 1921-1930
  • New Zealand TUCKER deaths 1848 -1920
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  • Australian White Pages
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    Names that I am interested in researching for my Family Tree

    23rd March 2000
    Christine Sheehan, Taupo, NZ, e-mail ""