DURLING Genealogy Page
I have used the LDS OnLine, Cuxton Census and notes from Bert DURLING to help form this tree.
Thomas DURLING (c.1790 Luddesdown-c.1854 North Aylesford) Labourer at Whorn's place                                                                 
m.Elizabeth  (c.1796-c.1853)                                                                 
   1.George DURLING (C.03 Mar 1816 Cuxton (IGI, on bapt 5th))                
   2.Elizabeth DURLING (C.01 Mar 1818 Cuxton (IGI, on bapt 1817))            
   3.Jane DURLING (C.30 Apr 1820 Cuxton (IGI, on bapt 1819)-1862 Cuxton)                 
   m.30 Oct 1838 Cuxton William MITCHEL  (c.1812 Meopham, Kent-c.1892 Gravesend)                                   
   4.William DURLING (c.1822 in Cuxton (1881 Census)-1897 Cuxton)                          
   m.24 Oct 1845 Cuxton, Kent, England Harriet MORRIS(c.1822 Chichester, Sussex (1851, 1881 Census))
   Harriet may have been married to Jonathan MILLS (Chr.4 March 1810 Cuxton)
   She seems to have had daughters 1.Emma Mills DURLING (Chr.24 April 1841 Cuxton)
                                  and 2.Ellen Mills DURLING (Chr.13 April 1845 Cuxton)
   the first 5 children are noted on the 1851 Cuxton Census
      1.Alfred DURLING (20 Oct 1846 in Cuxton, Kent, England (IGI & 1851 Census))
      2.Elizabeth DURLING (20 Aug 1848 in Cuxton, Kent, England (IGI & 1851 Census))                                                                  
      3.Mary Ann(e) DURLING (c.1850 in Cuxton (1871 Census, living with Parents and husband, also 1881))                                                  
      m.27 Oct 1870 in Cuxton, Kent, England Edwin BONNEYWELL Labourer at Cement works (c.1845 in Cuxton (1861 Census, boarder with Wm Mitchell, 1871 Census living with Parent in law & is called Edward, 1881 still with inlaws called Edwin))                                                     
      4.George DURLING Head Keeper (01 Aug 1852 Cuxton, Kent, England (IGI, 1871, 1881 Census)-17 Sep 1895 Cuxton)
      m.29 Jun 1872 in Cuxton, Kent, England Alice WICKENS (c.1853 Meopham,  Kent (1871 Census, housemaid for George Wood & 1881)-1 Oct 1944 Cuxton)
         1.George William DURLING (Jan 1873 Cuxton-29 July 1907)
         2.Alfred DURLING  (1874 Cuxton)
         3.Frederick DURLING (1877 Cuxton)
         m.Caroline Ann BONNIWELL (c.1881-1952 Cuxton)
            1.Fred DURLING (1901 Cuxton)
   5.Frederick DURLING (C.04 Jun 1826 Cuxton (IGI, on bapt 14th)-bur.17 July 1829 Cuxton)            
   6.? John DURLING (c.1828 in Cuxton House Servant for John PARKER on 1851 Census)                                                                      
   7.Mary Margaret DURLING (C.08 Jun 1835 in Cuxton (bapt))                     

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