MARTIN Genealogy Page

Richard MARTIN (c.1812 in Snodland (1851, 1861, 1881 Census)-1 Aug 1890 North Halling)                   
m.11 Nov 1832 Rochester Caroline DURLING (c.1812 in Cuxton (1851, 1861, 1881 Census)-1889 Cuxton)                         
   1.Richard MARTIN (C.30 Sept 1833 Cuxton-1833)
   2.Elizabeth MARTIN (c.1836 Cuxton 1851 census, widow by 1881-1893)                          
   m.(1) 26 Jun 1862 Cuxton James BONNEYWELL (c.1840 in Cuxton 1851, 1861 Census)                                                                     
      1.Stephen BONNEYWELL (c.1863 Cuxton 1871, 1881 Census, living with Grandparent Richard MARTIN)                                              
      m.c.1889 in Cuxton Mary Ann BONNEYWELL                                    
      2.James BONNEYWELL (c.1865 in Cuxton 1871 Census, living with Uncle Stephen MARTIN)                                                          
   ? m.(2)
   3.Stephen MARTIN (C.4 Mar 1838 Cuxton (1881 Census)-1916)                            
   m.Louisa (c.1844 Eynesford 1881 Census)                                 
   4.Hester MARTIN (C.20 Dec 1840 Cuxton b.c.1841 on the 1851 Census)                             
   5.Caroline MARTIN (b.c.1842 Cuxton on the 1851 Census C.6 Aug 1843)                           
   m.1865 William PEARSON (c.1835 in Cuxton (1871 Census))                           
      1.Esther Sarah PEARSON (c.1866 in Cuxton (1871 Census))                   
      2.Ada Mary PEARSON (c.1868 in Cuxton (1871 Census))                       
      3.William PEARSON (c.1869 in Cuxton (1871, 1891 Census))                  
      m.Mary A. (c.1866 in East Malling, Kent)                                   
         1.Ada PEARSON (c.1891 in Cuxton, Kent (1891 Census))                   
      4.Stephen PEARSON (c.1872 in Cuxton, Kent (1891 Census))                  
      5.Ernest J PEARSON (c.1875 in Cuxton, Kent (1891 Census))                 
      6.Richard PEARSON (c.1877 in Cuxton, Kent (1891 Census))                  
      7.Olive PEARSON (c.1879 in Cuxton, Kent (1891 Census))                    
   6.Sarah Anne MARTIN (c.1846 Cuxton (1851 census)) 
   m. ? SAUNDERS                        
   7.Richard MARTIN (c.1849 in Cuxton (1851, 1861, 1871 census))
   m.1877 Emma               
   8.James MARTIN (7 Jan 1852 b.c.1852 Cuxton on the 1861, 1871 Census-13 Jan 1916 Cuxton)
   m.8 Nov 1879 Rochester Eliza Ann GRANSDEN (22 Jan 1858 West Malling)
         William James
            Colin Leslie                        
   9.Harriett MARTIN (1856 Cuxton (1861, 1871 census C.23 Aug 1857)
   m.1877 Frederick JESSUP                     

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